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48 Dejadawn

from Clocktown by Jack FU



I don't really wanna go
But I don't want to stay but
I feel that everything
is coming much
more than
It's gotta be a dream
and if it's not I try to wake up before the quaking destruction of this scene
Now I wish
I didn't I have to go
But I don't want to stay and that's okay
No, no, no, no, no, no
It couldn't be that way
No it couldn't be that way
Because I've seen is all before
Visceral knocking on my door
And after all the alcohol is being shot into my into my brain
and it feels all the same
And I know that I've got to go

And I say it one more time

And even though I know its a dream I find the impeding death
And I can't wake up and I just dick around for a couple hours
Until sunlight and I continue on to the next day
And I just pray the third day comes soon
And as the more I stay asleep the less if feels real when I wake up


from Clocktown, track released June 17, 2019
antonio barney (picture)
ben deurso (talking/non-talking drums)
dan mulligan (mix/master)
lucas rich (bass)


all rights reserved



Jack FU New York

Citizens' Loft artist, Albany native, Deadhead

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